Yield Management Frequently Asked Questions

Have you created and activated Yield rules but cannot see them yet?

Yield will only adjust after there has been a change in availability. You can manipulate this by creating your own reservation in the calendar and cancelling it.

I want to adjust the rates for a specific day or period but I don't want Yield to adjust the rates again afterwards. Is this possible?

Yes, you can. Perform a bulk action over the whole accommodation to adjust the rates. There is an option to make the rate 'Overridable by Yield'. If you tick this option Yield will overwrite the price, if you keep it unticked the price will not be overwritten.

What kind of rules can I make?

Don't have any Yield rules activated yet? We have ones you can activate immediately

There's an exclamation mark on my rates in Yield, what does it mean?

This means that you have multiple Yield rules active that conflict with each other. This is not possible. Check your Yield rules and make sure that the period or occupancy is not the same

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