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Why the Booked Rates in Don’t Match My Rates in RoomRaccoon

Why the Booked Rates in Don’t Match My Rates in RoomRaccoon

Why the booked rates in don't match my rates in RoomRaccoon

The booked rate on does not match the rate of the reservation in RoomRaccoon

At RoomRaccoon we encourage accurate mapping between our system and OTA’s however when there are inconsistencies this could be due to rate differences.

On you can make a booking for a certain rate type and add the number of guests you came with. On RoomRaccoon our system picks the rate according to guest count so you can pick a 2 person rate but book for 1 person.

In this case, RoomRaccoon will assign a 1 person rate plan as it will pick up that the guest count is 1. If the rates are all in one branch, it’s possible that it picks the 1 person non-refundable even if a breakfast rate plan was booked which can create confusion.'

We therefore advise that you create separate branches for non-refundable rates, standard rates, B&B rates and non-refundable B&B rates.' (in this case remove the first sentence).

Good To Know:

Derived rates created in cannot be mapped from RoomRaccoon

When rates are all branched together, RoomRaccoon will allocate the matching occupancy of the rate plan that was created first.

Updated on: 24/08/2022

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