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Why Is My Card Machine Not Displaying an Amount

The RoomRaccoon card machine has been designed and enhanced to be integrated with the RoomRaccoon system therefore it should always be connected to the system for full functionality.

Sleep Mode

One of the most common reasons why the card machine disconnects is due to sleep mode. Considering that you are not taking in payments at every moment in the day, sometimes the card machine will default to sleep mode and disconnect with the RoomRaccoon system. All you have to do is restart the connection again and your card machine should be able to successfully process transactions.

There are two ways to get your card machine out of sleep mode

Insert a card into the machine and it will re-establish the connection.

Press the green button on your card machine and it will switch on and re-establish the connection.

Singular Network connection

Ensure that your card machine is connected to the same network that your RoomRaccoon PMS is connected to. To do this follow these steps.

Use the RaccoonPay card machine user guide to connect the device.

Go to terminal settings, scan for networks and enter the WIFI password. This applies to wireless card machines.

Go to terminal settings, go to Ethernet settings, deactivate the DHCP activation and enter the IP address. Please note that this applies for wired card machines.

Click on the 'confirm' button

Always ensure that you click the ‘confirm’ button after processing the card machine payment in the system.

Create a payment on the reservation or RaccoonPay dashboard page.

Click on the confirm button and the amount will be displayed.

For contactless payments, the preferred card may be tapped on the NFC (on top of the card machine).

Insert your debit or credit card in the card machine

Create a payment on the reservation or RaccoonPay dashboard page.

Insert your card in the card machine, to connect with the system. The card machine will then search for the RaccoonPay payment.

If nothing is still visible after using the above solutions. Open a new ticket and our support team will be in touch to assist and advise with resolving any further issues.

All payments should be facilitated from your reservations or RaccoonPay dashboard as the card machine is designed to be integrated with the RoomRaccoon system.

Good to know

The card machine provider PayPlaza runs an update every night, so card machine problems should not take longer than a day.

Contactless Pay will ONLY work if the card machine is online. To do this insert the card into the machine first or click on any key on the machine so that it establishes a connection first, then you may make a contactless pay transaction.
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