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Why do I receive CM payments invoices each month?
When transactions are made through RaccoonPay, these transactions are handled by our payment provider CM Payments. Because of this you will receive two different invoices from CM Payments on the first of the month. The content of these invoices will contain transactions of the past month.

What is the difference between the invoices?
The first invoice contains all non 3D Secure payments and the second invoice contains all 3D Secure payments. These two invoices are created because RaccoonPay has two different payment routes: non 3Ds & 3D Secure. You can see in the invoice behind your account name if it is a 3D Secure invoice.

Which information appears on the invoice ?
The received invoices contain all commission invoices from our payment provider CM Payments. You receive these invoices in order to reclaim the VAT on the transaction costs from the tax authorities.
These invoices do not need to be paid as the VAT is already included in the transaction costs per payment.
When an invoice is empty, it means that our payment provider CM Payments has not processed any payments for your accommodation in the month in question.
It is not possible not to send these invoices if they are empty, it serves as an extra back-up and creates overview at the end of the year for your accommodation.

Good to know
What is 3D Secure?
3D Secure payments are credit card transactions whereby the cardholder not only enters their card details, but will also be required to enter a code or password sent to them via their bank. This reduces the risk of fraud (transactions carried out with a stolen card) and guarantees your payment as the cardholder can no longer claim a chargeback.
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