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Why do I have a correction in my payout?

When you have a daily or weekly payout and charge many VCC's and non-European cards you may have a possibility to have corrections in your payout. Let us explain how this happens!

How does it work?
The payment methods are being charged with the transaction fee of 1,6% + 0,25 cents, this is for every payment except iDEAL.
However virtual credit cards and non European cards have the transactions fee of 3,1%. In the first instance, payouts are done with a transaction fee of 1,6%. Around the 22nd of the month, all transactions are recalculated and credit cards falling under 3.1% are corrected. Because of this you will see a correction of a -minus amount in your payout.
From December 10th, these correction costs will be visible in the dashboard of RaccoonPay

Good to know
The recalculation is always done after 2 months, for example: There is a correction in October of the August payout
Did you not receive any payouts at all in this month when the correction is calculated? Then it is possible that there is a correction but we do not have an amount to correct it, in that case the costs will be taken from your account.
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