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Why are some cancelled reservations from not automatically removed from my RoomRaccoon calendar?

There are two policies that prevent cancellations for reservations to be automatically removed from the RoomRaccoon calendar. Before contacting Roomraccoon be sure that none of these policies are active.

Risk-free policy

The Risk-Free Reservations programme is designed to help attract more guests who prefer the flexibility option on your property when booking.

To disable the Risk-free policy

Sign in to your extranet

Go to the ‘Opportunities’ tab

Click on ‘Risk-Free Reservations Programme’

Click ‘Leave this programme’ at the bottom of the page and fill in the short survey

Click here for more information on the Risk-free policy

Auto Replenish Policy

The auto-replenishment feature ensures that when a reservation is cancelled, you can automatically make the cancelled room or unit available to be booked again by other potential guests. This gives your property maximum availability and visibility without having to manually make changes in the extranet.

To disable the auto-replenish policy

Log in to the extranet

Click on Rates & Availability and then click on Calendar

Click on the settings symbol (three vertical dots)

Click on Auto-replenishment

Under Calendar settings, click on No depending on whether you want to turn the auto-replenishment feature off

Click here for more on the auto-replenish policy
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