Why Are My Emails Not Being Sent (Airbnb)

Airbnb has very strict security protocols and to ensure the privacy of the community it has never exchanged the guest and hosts email addresses. Previously hosts could contact guests through an email alias feature which created a unique alias email address for guests. Airbnb has since removed this feature and replaced it with Airbnb messaging.

What you should know

Airbnb is retiring its email alias feature, but you can still use Airbnb messaging and phone numbers.

Airbnb is working on allowing hosts to send documents as attachments, in the meantime you can send links with documents to your guest via Airbnb messaging.

You can keep using the email alias feature if you have no alternatives. If you use connected software that isn’t integrated with Airbnb messaging, or you must send documents as attachments, you can fill out the attestation form to continue using the guest email alias feature.
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