Why Are My Client's Invoices Showing BTW Instead of VAT

When your client’s invoice is showing in BTW instead of VAT this could be due to the language not being set up correctly in the booker profile. To solve this, simply change the language of the client in the Booker Profile.

How to change the language in the Booker profile

Click on the Guest History Tab and navigate to your Bookers overview.

Next to the bookers name, click on the pencil option to edit information about the booker.

On the language section, add the appropriate language.

Click Save and this will be saved on the booker’s profile.

Good to know

You can also configure guests’ languages in their profiles in the same way. Simply select the guest tab and this will give you a list of registered guests that you can edit.

When a client has entered their BTW/VAT number in the bookers profile, in the description of the invoice, the word ‘BTW’ will remain if the language of the system is set up in Dutch. To change BTW to VAT, you will need to change the language to English.
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