Which payment methods can I activate?

With RaccoonPay you can activate various payment methods, we explain to you how and which ones you can activate.

How it works
Go to the left, in the menu bar, to the credit card icon and navigate to payment methods.
Tick the payment methods you want to offer your guests.

Which payment methods do we offer?
MasterCard (3D Secure) & Maestro POS
VISA (3D Secure) & V-Pay POS
American Express

Ask for a credit card as guarantee for non-prepaid reservations
In the case of a prepayment, payment request or an online check-in payment, the guest always has the option of paying by credit card.

What is 3D Secure Credit Card Payment? 3D Secure payments are credit card transactions in which the cardholder not only enters the card number, but can also be asked to enter a code or password. This reduces the chance of fraud (transactions carried out with a stolen card). Your payment is guaranteed and the cardholder cannot reverse the payment.
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