How do I set up and activate different documents?

A frequently used functionality used in RoomRaccoon are the automatic templates. Here is a little reminder of when which document is sent:

Booking Confirmation At the time of booking, the booking confirmation is sent.
Booking Cancellation When a guest has canceled their reservation, a cancellation confirmation will be sent with a link where the guest can rebook at your accommodation.
Booking Confirmation Returning Guests When the email address is recognised, the system sees the booker as a returning guest. PLEASE NOTE; a guest can sometimes be recognised, but if this guest books through an extranet, for example,, they will always generate a new email address for that booking, because of this, the system does not see this guest as a returning guest. Perhaps a perfect time to agree on a fixed rate when booking through your own website!
Pre-Stay and Post-Stay: Pre-Stay and Post-Stay documents can be set to the desired number of days before and after you want to send them. You can set this by clicking on the gear icon at the bottom left of your screen and on the account page on the right hand side you can set the days in the box below: Read tip
Payment request and payment confirmation: The payment request and the payment confirmation is sent via RaccoonPay automatically. When a request for a deposit is made, the guest will receive a payment request email. With every payment that is received via RaccoonPay, the guest receives a payment confirmation.
Payment Reminder If you still have an outstanding invoice, you can easily find this in the debtor report and send a payment reminder immediately.
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