The online travel agent, the commission costs are no joke. But they make sure you receive reservations! Therefore they are unmissable in the hotel industry!

Curious about which channels we can link with? Have a look at all our partners here!

XML links
With the channels below we have a complete 'two-way connection', also called XML. This means that we control full availability, rates and restrictions to these channels. In addition, we also complete the bookings and cancellations are automatically corrected in RoomRaccoon.

It is important to know that the Channel Manager of RoomRaccoon is suffering from these links and that you therefore make changes to RoomRaccoon and not to the channel itself.

With the following channels we only connect iCal, so we exchange calendars. What iCal is exactly, can be found in the following article: What is an iCal connection?

Important to know is that we do not send prices and restrictions to these channels, only availability from the calendar. So you keep track of your prices in the channel yourself.

Do you want to connect with another channel via iCal? This is almost always possible when you can provide us with an iCal export link of the relevant channel. Let us know!
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