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When is my payout and where can I check it?

When you have activated RaccoonPay you had the option to choose for a daily, weekly or monthly pay-out.

When is my pay-out?
Click on the > credit card icon on the left menu and click on > RaccoonPay
On the left top of the page you will see > payouts here you will see if you have a daily, weekly or monthly payout.
Click on the > arrow at payouts te view more details

How can I check my payout?
When you have clicked on the > arrow you will have an overview from your payouts. Click on the payout to have a more detailed overview
Here you can find a specification from the commission, VAT and a summary of which payment are included in the payout.
You can transfer this to an excel document by clicking on > download overview and send this to your accountant.

Good to know
Payouts will never take place in the weekend, is it planned in the weekend? You can expect the payout on the first working day.
Out payouts are being handled by our payment provider CM.COM STICHTING, under this name you will receive the payouts and invoices.
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