When does my guest receive a booking confirmation

You can set the booking confirmation via your Documents tab. This can be done in several languages and you can personalise it by adding your personal text in the 'custom content' box. But when exactly will it be sent?

When will it be sent? 

For bookings that come in via your own website (Booking Engine), a booking confirmation is automatically sent to the guest.
Booking.com bookings are confirmed by both Booking.com and RoomRaccoon.
For bookings via other XML channels, except Bedandbreakfast.nl and Bedandbreakfast.eu. You can view other XML channels here.

When not: 

For bookings that come in via channels with which are linked via an iCal, such as Mr and Mrs Smith. These bookings come in as an option and the right rate type still has to be chosen here. Only once all data is correct will you be able to send a booking confirmation manually. You can do this by clicking on the envelope icon in the documents section within the reservation. The reason that it has to be sent manually is because we do not receive all of the data from the channel and do not want to send incorrect information to the guest.
Bookings via B&B.nl or B&B.eu. also come in as an option and you have to confirm them yourself.
With manually added bookings, the system does not automatically send a confirmation. After all, RoomRaccoon does not know when the reservation is 'finished'. This means that you can send the confirmation manually after filling in the reservation.

What about the language? 

When we get a good understanding of the language from a channel, you can see which language has been selected in the 'Booker' section of the reservation. The documents in the reservation will then be displayed in this language and sent, if they exist in this language.
If RoomRaccoon does not receive a language from a channel or a language in which no document exists, the system returns to English. RoomRaccoon will then automatically send English documents.

Coming soon: Is the language of the guest unknown? You can set a fallback language in your account settings. For example, you can choose to always send an English document.
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