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I was expecting a payout today, but nothing is visible

When a payout was expected but nothing came in on that specific day, there are a few reasons why your payout is not happening.

Payouts happen on a preferred schedule, based on processed and captured payments, but also processed refunds and the status of your account have an influence on whether your payout will happen on a certain day. Mind that a 'missing' payout does not always mean that something is wrong.

Reasons for 'missing' payouts

There is a negative balance on your account, due to multiple processed refunds.

Processed refunds negatively influence the balance on your account.
RaccoonPay made the choice to rather pay out only with a positive balance than charging directly for refunds.
Refunds are often not on top of your RaccoonPay dashboard, so first check all of your payments if you're missing a payout.

Payments were not processed yet

Credit card payments take up to a few days before they are processed to be paid out.
Payments made after 2:30 pm are not processed within the same day.
Payments with bigger amounts have more risk protection, hence it takes longer to process.

The account is live, but your payout is not activated yet

Accounts still in RaccoonPay onboarding do not always have their payout activated yet, due to missing onboarding documents.
If a new bank account number was requested, it might was discussed to disable the payout until the new bank account was validated.
You set up RaccoonPay before January 2021 and you never really passed the onboarding requirements, but were able to take payments already..
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