What the Documents Tags do

The document tags templates to be used to pull guest data in the documents that you send out in email form. Each tag pulls different kinds of information which will be added to your guest’s document.

Below is a list of tags and the information each tag will show.

General tags

%onlinecheckinlink% - link that redirects the user to check-in online

%booker% - Can be a company or person

%booker_firstname% - First name of the booker

%booker_lastname% - Last name of the booker

%bookerdetails% - Country, telephone number, email address

%rooms% - Number and the Type of room

%addons% - Selected extras chosen by guest

%category% - Room type

%rate% - Rate connected to the room

%usp% - Unique Selling point e.g Sea View

%roomnr% - Room Number

%dateofarrival% - Date when the guest will arrive on the property

%dateofdeparture% - Date when the guest will leave the property

%estimatedarrivaltime% - Estimated time the guest will arrive on site

%bookingdetails% - Room type and Rate applied

%reservationnumber% - Booking number on your reservations

%grandtotal% - Total to be paid

%grandtotalwithtax% - Total to be paid (including tax)

%discount% - Discount applied to rate

%citytax% - City Tax charged

%due% - Amount due

%weeknumberarrival% - Week which guest will arrive (out of 52)

%daynumberarrival% - Day of the month

%monthnumberarrival% - Month number

%yearnumberarrival% - Year of Arrival

%yearnumberarrivalfull% - Full date

%dateofbooking% - Date the booking was made

%booker_gender% - Gender of the booker

%booker_salutation% - Salutation of the Booker

%numberofguests% - Number of guests in the booking

%numberofnights% - Number of nights guests will stay

%paymentrequestlink% - link that redirects the guest to a payment portal

Guest tags

%guest_firstname% - First name of the guest

%guest_lastname% - Last name of the guest

%guest_email% - guest email address

%guest_gender% - Gender of the guest

%guest_salutation% - Preferred Salutation

%guest_salutation_full% - Preferred full salutation

%guest_street% - Street of residence

%guest_house_number% - House Number of residence

%guest_postalcode% - Guest postal code

%guest_city% - Guest city of residence

%guest_country% - Guest country of residence

%guest_phonenumber% - Guest Phone number

%guest_dateofbirth% - Guest date of birth

%guest_passportnumber% - Guest Passport number

%guest_passporttype% - Guest Passport type

%guest_passportorigin% - Where the passport was issued

%guest_passportissued% - Date the passport was issued

%guest_passportexpiration% - Date of passport expiration

%guest_nationality% - Guest country of birth

%numberofadditionalguests% - Total number of other guests

%listguests% - List of other guest names

%listguestsbday% - List of other guest birthdays

%guest_signature% - Guest signature
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