What Support Does RoomRaccoon Provide

RoomRaccoon offers you different kinds of support depending on the tier that you have subscribed to.

Entry and Starter

The entry and starter package gives you access to our Help Centre which has articles to assist with your daily operational questions. The Help Centre has more than 400 articles to you assist with topics on Accommodation, Account settings, Booking engine and so much more.

If you still require further support you may open a new ticket and a member of our customer success team will reach out to you. click here for more on the ticketing centre.


The premium package gives access to the Help Centre, online message support and telephonic support between 9:00 - 21:00.


Enterprise is our flagship package which offers access to our Help Centre, online message support, telephonic support (09:00 - 21:00) and a dedicated Account Manager.

How to access the Help Centre

Click on the question mark in the bottom right corner

Click on "Contact Us"

Click "Open New Ticket" to send us a new query or simply view all open, pending, and resolved issues by clicking “see all tickets”

Good to know

When opening a new ticket, the subject should be more than 10 Characters and the body should be more than 80 characters for a ticket to be successfully sent.

Our SLA for all queries is a turnaround time of within 24 hours.
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