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What Should I Do When I Receive a Cancellation

Cancellations are unfortunate however in the hospitality industry they are inevitable. The best way to deal with cancellations is to ensure that the room which was unavailable for booking becomes available again.

What Should you do when you receive a cancellation

Cancellations should always be done via the channel on which the booking was received. Bookings received from or Expedia should be cancelled on these platforms first by the guest.

When guests call your property to cancel, ensure that they have first cancelled on the external channel which they initially booked through. This should be done in a time-conscious manner otherwise the hotelier may have to pay the commission fee for the booking.

Given the urgency to change the status of the room to bookable, it may take time to confirm the cancellation with the guest. It is therefore advisable to use the grey rooms on your agenda so that the room that was initially booked is free again.

Good to know

When you drag the reservation and you later discover it is not cancelled, you can find yourself with an overbooking. We, therefore, recommend for you to request a confirmation of the cancellation from the booking channel to avoid a double booking.
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