What Should I Do When I Have No Rooms to Assign a Reservation

RoomRaccoon is built to optimize occupancy rates and ensure that you never lose an opportunity if you are fully booked as a result of misplaced reservations. All you need to do in this instance is to reassign your bookings to accommodate your new one and optimize your occupancy.

What Should I Do When I Have No Rooms to Assign a Reservation

Your new reservation will come through to your agenda and you will not have any room to assign it.

Go back to your agenda and reorganize your reservation by using the drag-and-drop feature to accommodate the new booking.

Your new pop-up will allow you to assign the room to the booked room type, click on assign once the room type has been selected.

Reservation has been successfully added to the agenda.

Please note: If you do not have enough white rooms to drag reservation, create grey rooms and use them to move reservations. For more on grey rooms, click here.

Good to know

Sometimes it’s not possible to just move reservations in your active rooms. You will need to use Grey Rooms to help you to reorganize reservations.

If you get an error message check past the dates in your agenda. You will usually get an error message if you are trying to move a reservation over one with previous dates.

For more on moving reservations using the drag and drop feature, click here.
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