What is needed to activate an accounting connection (NL)

Here are the steps required to set up the accounting link:

First we need to make sure that RoomRaccoon is allowed to communicate with Exact. You can do this by clicking on the link below when you are logged into RoomRaccoon:


Once step 1 is done we can set up the general ledger accounts for you, we need the following items:

Administration code from Exact:

To access your Admin code from Exact

Go to your Exact Online admin tab and click on “all options”
Navigate your mouse to the admin code (in the example below this is “1” or “2”)
The Admin ID will now be displayed as the division code on the far left in the URL seen on the bottom left of the page.

Journal (code):
VAT code Accommodation:
VAT code VAT High:
VAT code VAT Low:

Balance sheet accounts

Cash book:
Tourist tax:
Payment Amex:
Payment Bancontact:
Payment bank:
Payment cash:
Payment gift voucher:
Payment Giropay:
Payment IDeal:
Payment on account
Payment Mastercard:
Payment via booking channel:
Payment VISA:
Other Payments:
General ledger account for non-allocated payments:
Ledger Account for Unallocated Turnovers:

Loss & Profit account:

Turnover accommodation:

Could you please provide the ledger numbers of all add-ons that are in RoomRaccoon. RoomRaccoon will need the following for this.

Name add-on:
General ledger number:
VAT percentage:
VAT code:
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