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What Is an iFrame?

What Is an iFrame?

An iFrame is simply a window on your webpage of another piece of online content. The primary purpose of most iFrames is to display third-party content on your site. Your RoomRaccoon booking engine can be offered as an iframe on your website so that your guest does not have to redirect to another site to make a booking.

Other ways to use iCals on your website

Ads - sidebars and banners are actually iframes which allow you to provide and maintain the content they’re paying to feature on your site. These could be ads of the restaurants and other amenities or packages you offer on your property.

Youtube videos - Embed YouTube videos to your iFrame. This way you can add your hotel’s videos, testimonials and feature videos without worrying about uploading the video content to your Media Library.

Google Maps - Add your hotel’s location via Google maps.

Social Media - Display your most recent social media posts via an iframe with an automatic update of all likes, comments and engagements.

Good to know

Prepayments cannot be redirected to the payment page if you offer your booking engine as an iframe on your website.

Updated on: 09/09/2022

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