What happens when I have a rate which is not linked to RoomRaccoon

Our customers at RoomRaccoon send us their rates and we will map these rates with the Online Travel Agency (OTA). In some instances when customers agree on rates with OTA’s this is not communicated with RoomRaccoon and creates inconsistencies because the rates need to correspond on both systems.

Non-mapped rates or restrictions can create confusion because when they come into RoomRaccoon this may be inconsistent with RoomRaccoon rates and may unfortunately create an overbooking.

To mitigate this, we’ve included a rate type restriction for you when the booking pops up on your agenda.

The error message “RoomRaccoon could not link the booked rate type” will be shown when prompted to assign the booking. At this stage, there are two things we advise you to do.

Create the rates in Room and map them.

Delete the rates on the booking channel which are not mapped to RoomRaccoon.

Good to know

Derived rates that have been externally set on Bookings.com cannot be mapped to RoomRaccoon.

Whenever you agree on a new rate with a booking channel, be sure to inform RoomRaccoon so that we may update this from our side as well.
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