What happens to a cancelled Booking

When a booking is cancelled, this removes the booking from your calendar.

If the booking is cancelled and you have a tax invoice it will show up on the debtors list - to remove this from the debtor’s list you need to create a credit note on the cancelled booking. When the status of the booking is cancelled, this will not affect the management report.

How to create a credit note

Go to the reservation in question.

Click on the plus icon to “create invoice or credit note”

On the type, go to the drop-down and select credit note.

Select items that need to be deleted.

Finalize this by clicking “Create Invoice” on the top right.

Good to know

Even though a cancelled booking is removed from your agenda, you may still look it up when searching for it in the search bar.

You cannot cancel an OTA booking on RoomRaccoon. The reservation belongs to Booking.com and can only be cancelled from the OTA or the guest.
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