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What Do the Different Colour Codes Mean in Reservations

What Do the Different Colour Codes Mean in Reservations

On your RoomRaccoon agenda we want you to instantly recognise the status of a booking hence we have colour-coded this view for your convenience.

What do the colours mean?

Blue: Confirmed Booking

Green: Checked-in - When checking in a guest the status of the reservation should be changed from “booked” to “checked in” (and click Save). This will let you know which guests you are still expecting for arrival.

Light Blue: Checked-in Online - This is a guest that has made use of the online check-in form.

Grey: Checked-out - By changing the status of a booking from checked-in to check-out, the booking is locked meaning that a definite invoice is being prepared for this booking.

Brown : Option/Provisonal - This means the room is accepting options. In instances where you frequently house wedding couples, an option is a “not confirmed booking” yet blocks the availability of the room for as long as you want to hold the option.

Striped: Blocked - This room is blocked. Blocking a room in your RoomRaccoon PMS prevents it from being bookable via booking channels, yet the occupancy does not count as a booking in your reports.

Good to know

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Updated on: 18/07/2022

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