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What are Google Hotel Ads?

Google Hotel Ads allows you to reach millions of travellers across the globe and direct them straight to your RoomRaccoon booking engine or website, cutting out the middleman so that you can advertise your rooms at your rates!

Since 9 out of 10 people use Google as their accommodation search engine, opting in increases your hotel’s visibility on a global scale for the fraction of the cost that most OTAs charge.

How Does Google Hotel Ads Work?

By providing potential guests a preview of your hotel both on the Google search engine and Google Maps, travellers get to view photos, guest reviews, compare and pick out the best deals as well as explore the surrounding areas.

Guests also get to filter their searches according to the amenities on offer, which hotels provide the best prices and how well they are rated, making it the easiest and most effective way of finding accommodation the world over.

Google Hotel Ads simply takes your lowest rate and makes it visible on its search engine linking it straight to your direct booking engine.

The Benefits of Advertising Your Hotel On Google

Increase your visibility on a global scale.
Advertise your best rates.
Build your brand awareness.
Pay commissions only for realised reservations.
Reap the rewards without paying huge commissions compared to other OTAs.
Have guests directed straight to your booking engine.
Cut out the middleman.
Manage the reservations directly in your PMS.
Roomraccoon sends monthly invoices for all Google Hotel bookings.
Easily compare rates across all of your external channels.

How to Showcase Your Hotel on Google Ads?

RoomRaccoon offers you the opportunity to showcase your hotel on Google by seamlessly connecting your accommodation to Google Hotel Ads and taking care of your commissions, bidding and keeping your PMS up to date with all booking information.
We offer all of our new customers the option of advertising on Google Hotels, if you have not and would like to activate your Google Hotel Ads click here.

Google Hotel Ad Commissions

By signing up to GHA with RoomRaccoon you only pay on commissions per stay which means you don’t have to pay if a guest cancels a reservation. RoomRaccoon provides you with a monthly invoice for the reservations booked through Google Hotel Ads and ensures all commissions are paid and up to date, giving you peace of mind and time to get on with other important tasks.

Good To Know!

Once activated it will take up to 2 weeks for your hotel to reflect on the Google Search Engine.

Google Hotel Ads are not suitable for vacation rentals.

Google will not reflect any changes that are made to reservations if they are made after the dates of the reservation.

In order to sign up to Google Hotel Ads you will be required to have a:

No minimum stay greater than 7 days
Street Address
Phone number
Full plumbing

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