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Viewing Your Upsell Performance

Once you have RaccoonUpsell activated your upsell performance tab gives you a great overview of how your add ons are performing, as well as important key figures relating to the revenue generated from your add ons each month.

Each graph provides detailed data on how much revenue you have generated from upselling your accommodation. The first being an overview of the total amounts generated per month from the date you enter to the current month

Hover over the months in the graph to view the net amount accumulated for that specific month.

Upselling Add Ons

Here you gain an overview of how much revenue you have generated per add on as well as how each add on has performed in relation to each other.

You can see your add ons listed across the bottom of the graph.

To see the line of a specific add on simply place your cursor over the add on without clicking on it.

You can also view each month’s totals per add on by placing your cursor on the month within the graph.


Once your room categories have been upgraded you will get a full overview of how they are performing in the Upselling Categories graph.

As with the add ons graph you can hover over a category in the list below the graph to see how it has performed.

Click on the category to remove a graph line or hover over the graph to see the revenues generated for each month.

Good to know

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