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Tips on Using RaccoonPay in The Best Possible Way

The various articles about RaccoonPay provide a good overview of what the payment platform has to offer. But how do you get the absolute most out of RaccoonPay?

RaccoonPay essentially enhances your overall RoomRacoon system and the way you manage your accommodation payments.

RaccoonPay can effectively halve the time you spend manually dealing with all ingoing and outgoing payments connected with efficiently running your accommodation.

How RaccoonPay Can Effectively Save You Time:

By Minimising the use of cash you also minimise the time your accounting team needs to spend on tracking, receiving and reconciling payments. Manual-intensive tasks such as counting money or entering the digits of a credit card is no longer the case with RaccoonPay.

Automated data processing replaces having to double check details manually and prepayments can be requested for partial or full amounts set by default removing any chance of typing errors.

No one needs to be available to track payments. Online payments enable your guests to do transactions at any time of the day, so It doesn't matter if you have staff shortage or your office is closed.

Increased transaction security minimises having to chase guests to pay. With RaccoonPay's 3D Secure payments (always occurs when the card holder initiates a payment) the change for a chargeback will be reduced by 100%. Would you still like to have an overview of everyone that has a due amount in the reservation after check out? Have a look at the debtors report!

Optimize flexibility by offering online payments along with your RaccoonPay card machine, this gives customers a convenient payment choice and there is no limitation for only cash or check, which saves time for your staff members. Offer a payment request in the pre-arrival email and no longer waste time with payments at the reception. If you would rather have a booker pay at the reception as a service, they can check-in online and with just one click process the due payment to your card machine.

Important To Know!

Make sure you have thought carefully about what payment options you would like to offer your guests.
All settings need to be correctly set within the different parts of RoomRaccoon.
Do not use an iFrame with your website linked Booking Engine. This means that the reservation (including payment) cannot be forwarded to RoomRaccoon.

Check Your Settings

Check your Category settings to see which room categories require a full or partial prepayment. If a room type requires a prepayment, the currency symbol will be in dark grey. If you move your mouse over the currency symbol, you will see the percentage of the amount required.

Check the payment settings when you click on the Payments Icon under the Payment Settings Tab to see which payment methods have been enabled.

In your Settings under the Booking Engine Tab make sure you require a payment for any outstanding amount in the online check-in

Please also indicate here whether the advance payments includes tourist tax.

Add a text to payment methods to draw bookers' attention to filling in the nationality for instance the IDEAL option in the Netherlands.


How can I avoid channel collections from booking channels?

Go to the extranet of your booking channel and adjust your payment preferences.
Take a look at your virtual credit card management or ask for a credit card guarantee.
With RaccoonPay, you will be able to store these cards in the reservation, so that they can be easily charged when needed.
Be aware that credit card commissions are lower than virtual credit cards.
Having a credit card as a guarantee will also create the opportunity to let the guests pay at the reception, where virtual credit cards need to be charged via the reservation (excluded city tax).

A payment has failed, what now?

It's important to have a look at the error message in the payment overview. When RoomRaccoon is working on it, it might be useful to mail [email protected] to discuss the reason for a failed payment. The RaccoonPay team will be happy to help.

The Advantages of using the RaccoonPay Card Machine

Reservation initiated payments are easily transferred from the reservation to the card machine so that there are less chances for typos or errors.
By having the RaccoonPay card machine at the reception, people are more likely to pay with a national debit card (e.g. Visa Debit or Maestro), falling under a lower transaction fee than with normal credit cards. Your commission costs will be lower, but it is also more convenient for guests.
Know what your costs are! Many payment providers and card machine providers are not transparent in explaining their commission rates, whereas RaccoonPay uses clear and upfront known rates.
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