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USA Taxes

RoomRaccoon now complies with USA Tax Rules, making managing your reservation taxes simple and easy with this new capability.

What did we do?

We have allowed our USA accounts to have more than 1 VAT/Tax rule and we’ve given you the freedom to name them as well!

The date format is now in month/date/year (mm-dd-yy)

The automatic confirmation emails which get sent to guests now show Net values

Setting Up Your Taxes

Login to your RoomRaccoon account.

Click on the orange settings gear in the bottom left corner.

Scroll down in account settings to Tax Rules.

Fill in all your Tax specifics.

You have the option to apply this tax rule to a specific category, and you can also choose to calculate the tax over Net value or gross value.

City Tax

Different forms of tourist taxes apply in each country, state, province or city. This can be an amount per person, per night or a percentage of the amount of accommodation.

To learn more on how to set up your City Tax follow this link: How to set up City Tax
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