Update your availability for the next year

Sometimes, guests book more than a year ahead and it can happen that your prices are not set for that period yet. In RoomRaccoon, it is possible to be booked two years in advance.
How do you make sure that your prices and restrictions are set for the next year and that these are also communicated to all external channels?

It is simple, just follow these steps:

Go to your rates and availability overview
Click on the pencil next to the room type to perform a bulk action
Select the period of the next year (bulk actions can be performed for 1 year max.)
Set your prices and restrictions

Now that the prices and restrictions are set, you can push them through to all external channels.
Go to your rates & availability overview
Click on "Bulk Sync"
Select the period you would like to update, in this case the next year (a bulk sync can be performed for 1 year max. at once)
Click on "push availability" and on "push all rates"

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