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Unsuccessful Booking Created From Your Booking Engine

In the unlikely yet possible event that a guest tries to make a booking through your RoomRaccoon booking engine but cannot do so due to a payment issue, we would like to ensure that you are aware of this so that you save the booking!

Why would a booking fail on my RoomRaccoon booking engine?

In most cases, it’s due to payment reasons. Here are some of the reasons a booking could possibly fail:

Insufficient funds on the guest’s card or the limit has been reached on the card.

The card details have been entered incorrectly or some of the required card information is missing.

Failed authentication happens if the guest does not authorize the payment with the correct OTP or if this process takes longer than expected causing the transaction to time out.

The card may not be accepted ie: American Express / Diners Club.

The card may not be enabled for overseas use.

Where do I find these bookings?

These bookings will appear in your RoomRaccoon dashboard as Cancelled bookings.

Click on the reservation number to check the booking details and change the status back to booked should you wish to keep the guest’s booking.

Thereafter you are welcome to contact the guest and send the necessary confirmation documents as you please.

Good to know!

You can easily identify these bookings when you see the exclamation sign ⚠ This reservation is not assigned to a room and is cancelled.

Should you wish to know the reason for the payment declining you can open a new ticket on our customer support ticket centre.
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