Type of Access for Each User on RoomRaccoon

Type of Access for Each User on Roomraccoon

On RoomRaccoon each user has different rights and access in terms of the elements they are allowed to view and change on the system.

Manager Access

Manager access is the most supreme access status with no limitations. Manager has rights to

Manage account settings
Configure the rate and category types
Add and remove logins
Make changes to prices in rates and availability screen
Add Connectivity Screen

Team Member Access

Team member access is for your employees and can be configured in the logins section by the manager account.

View rates and availability
Charge Payments
Access to Bookers and payments dashboard
Manage reservations


Housekeeper access is for your Housekeeping team and the only access the housekeeping team has is to the housekeeping rooms which have been assigned to them on Raccoonhousekeeping.


Maintenance access is for your maintenance team member and the only access the maintenance team member has is to the maintenance items which have been assigned to them on RaccoonHousekeeping.

Good to know

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Updated on: 20/09/2022

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