Two Ways to Connect RoomRaccoon to Airbnb

When connecting RoomRaccoon to Airbnb there are two ways in which this can be done:

R+A Only - which is rates and availability only. This means that RoomRaccoon will only update rates and availability, any other changes you would like to make will need to be made on Airbnb and not on RoomRaccoon.

Listing and R+A - This is all-inclusive as your rates and availability are updated in RoomRaccoon, photos, descriptions etc. This is a valuable feature as you are able to manage the connection on one platform.

How to manage the connection

Access the connectivity centre (via the gear icon) and click on the pencil icon in Airbnb.

On finished mapped listings, check the room type you want to edit and click on “Update listing on Airbnb”

On scope you can choose between R&A only or Listing + R&A.

Good to know

For more on managing listings on Airbnb, click here.
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