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It seems that the card machine is not displaying the amount

The RaccoonPay card machine works slightly different than stand-alone card machines.
RaccoonPay's card machine is fully integrated with your RoomRaccoon system and therefore it must always be able to connect to the system.
As the card machine is not processing payment all day, the card machine often is on 'sleep mode'

How to display the amount on the card machine

Make sure the network of the card machine is connected to the same network of the system

Use the RaccoonPay card machine user guide to connect the device.
Go to 'terminal settings', scan for networks and enter the WIFI password. This applies to wireless card machines.
Go to 'terminal settings', go to Ethernet settings, deactivate the DHCP activation and enter the IP address.

Always click on the 'confirm' button after processing the card machine payment in the system

Create a payment on the reservation or RaccoonPay dashboard page.
Click on the 'confirm' button and the amount will be displayed.
For contactless payments, the preferred card may be tapped on the NFC (on top of the card machine).

Insert your debit or credit card in the card machine

Create a payment on the reservation or RaccoonPay dashboard page.
Insert your card in the card machine, to connect with the system. The card machine will then search for the RaccoonPay payment.
Insert your card password. You're not able to pay contactless anymore.

After following the steps, nothing is still visible

Reach out to the support department of RoomRaccoon. The support team will assist you in resolving this issue.
The card machine provider PayPlaza runs an update every night, so card machine problems should not take longer than a day.
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