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Stripe Connection

Stripe is an online payment service provider Stripe that allows you to use a number of payment methods including credit cards. On Stripe you can accept online payments and with added systems, you can accept payments on-site.

Stripe has an integration with RoomRaccoon to give you an easy payment solution. Stripe is available for our Europe and North American markets.

Benefits of Stripe

Enables users to stay on your site when making a payment, instead of being redirected to another site.

There is no set up cost or monthly fees.

Instant setup.

Ability to easily rebill a customer without storing credit card details.

Excellent reminder system.

No refund fees.

The informative interface of graphs and charts, makes data comprehensible and clear.

A seamless checkout experience means increased conversions.

How to connect to Stripe

Go to payments (credit card icon)

Click on the payment settings tab.

Select the option that says online payments via stripe and click on save.

After clicking Save, You’ll get a “connect with Stripe” option.

Verify the connection after logging in and authorise the connection.

After this you will be redirected back to RoomRaccoon and once the connection is authorised instead of “connect with stripe” it will say “reset stripe connection”

The commission fees for stripe are as follows

€0,25 + 1,9% (EU Cards and Virtual Credit Cards)

€0,25 + 3,4% (Non-EU Cards)

Good to know

You don’t need to have a stripe connection to click on connect with stripe as it will take you to Stripe website to create an account with them.

For more on Stripe and the fee structure, click here. RoomRaccoon charges a 0.5% markup fee on all cards.
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