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Speed Up Your Online Payments With Peach Payments!

Speed Up Your Online Payments With Peach Payments!

RoomRaccoon has various integrations with PSP (payment system providers). Our wide variety will definitely have a solution which fits your accommodation best.

Advantages of Peach payments (South Africa only):

Save money on an annual basis. Do you know how much you spend on credit card charges? Many hoteliers do not have insights into these expenses, because they are written off in one monthly batch. With peach payments in RoomRaccoon, you might save half of the credit card transaction costs!

Prepayments can be collected automatically. You could have sold the room to someone else when a guest didn't show up. A small loss, but there are ways to prevent this! You can reduce ‘No-Shows’ by use of a mandatory prepayment – from 10 to 100 % – when they make a reservation via the Booking Engine on your website.

Pre-authorise credit cards. If you have received a booking and you would like to pre-authorise the credit card, you can do this from within the system. Click on the reservation and authorise the credit card below at the payment section.

If you wish to connect with Peach Payments, you will need to have an account with them. Already have a Peach Payment account and are you ready to get started? Awesome! Ask our Customer Success team how you can set up the integrated payment provider to your RoomRaccoon account. 

Updated on: 19/10/2022

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