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Specific Room Type Shown First in Booking Engine

RoomRaccoon normally generates one standard URL that redirects from the hotelier's website to the Booking Engine. However, you can choose a specific room type that you’d like your booking engine to display on the landing page.

All you have to do is place the room ID behind the URL with a # to ensure that the Booking Engine immediately opens with the correct room type. It then automatically scrolls to the correct type.

Where do you find these IDs and how do I showcase a specific room on my Booking Engine?

In RoomRaccoon, go to the Key icon and then to Room types, click on a Room type and copy the URL ID number that comes with it.

Add a # and Paste this ID at the end of your booking engine link.

Now when your guest accesses your link the booking engine will automatically scroll to your chosen room type.


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Click here for more on how to add a room type.
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