Shareholders - Onboarding

This section is to ascertain the parties or shareholders who are legally liable for the company and this applies to persons who own a 25% (or more) share in the company. Companies have a share register (companies) which is an official document that is stamped and signed.

In this section, you can add multiple UBO’s which are the Ultimate Beneficial Owners of the company.

To do this

Click add UBO

Add the share value of the member.

Add the details of the shareholder including the name, address and country.

Upload identification documents - document must include

Full name

Date of Birth

Title of document

Document number

Add another UBO if there is more than one

Good to know

If the company is owned by a holding company then the shareholders of the holding company will be used as shareholders and legal persons.

Your personal documents are not saved on the RoomRaccoon database and are only used for verification and compliance purposes.

On Identity documents you can upload the passport for every country and you can use your ID for any EU member states. If you are using your ID attach the front and the back of the document.
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