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Setting Up Parent Types

What it is: a flexible configuration that allows you to sell your property by single rooms or by the entire property. For example, if you have a guest house with 10 rooms and you can make it possible to book either the entire guest house at once or to book room by room.

How do parent types work

When a guest books the parent type, the child type is blocked to prevent receiving reservations for the rooms when the entire house is booked.

When a room of the child type is booked, the parent type is blocked as it is no longer possible to book the entire house, leaving the remaining rooms free to be booked as well.

How to Set up Parent Types

This is configured by our team. Please contact RoomRaccoon via our ticketing centre with all the details of how you need the configuration to work so we can proceed with it.

How does this look on my overview

Once a parent type or your whole apartment/villa has been booked, your guests will not be able to book single rooms because they will be blocked.

This applies the other way around too: when guests book single rooms the parent type will be blocked off.

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