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Considering the volatility and unpredictability of the hospitality industry, we’ve taken steps to make your property as flexible as possible.

On RoomRaccooon you can choose to sell your property as a whole apartment, villa or guesthouse as opposed to single rooms. This means that when you have single room units booked, the system will block the option of booking the entire property and vice versa when the property is booked.

How to Set up Parent Types

On the property icon , add a new roomtype/category

Enter the property details, description, room type name and press save.

On property details, you should be able to see your new property, now you’ll add a new room rate.

Add the rate name, occupancy of the property, tax options etc. Press save once you are done.

Go back to the property settings and on the rooms tab, create a new room. Remember to click on save once this is done.

Your new room should now be visible on the rooms tab and now you can assign all your rooms to this property as the parent type.

Assign all rooms to this parent type and Save after assigning each room.

How does this look on my overview

Once a parent type or your whole apartment/villa has been booked, your guests will not be able to book single rooms because they will be blocked.

This applies the other way around too when guests book single rooms the parent type will be blocked off. When you add a new booking for a single room, you will also be notified of blocked rooms during this booking.

Good to know

It’s important that you assign all rooms to the parent type unless you’d like to exclude a themed room e.g honeymoon suite.

You need to set up the category, room and rate before contacting us to connect your parent type.

For more on creating room types, click here.

For more on setting up a room, click here.
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