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SALTO KS Connection

Salto Keys as a Service (KS) is a cloud-based mobile key solution offered by Salto. SALTO KS smart access provides multiple ways of opening doors, including with a digital key. It supports a wide range of keyless methods to improve the user experience and safety for any building type and delivers advanced security features on a fully remote, wireless, cloud-based management platform.

How does the SALTO KS Connection work?

Salto KS will send a link via email to hotel guests which requests them to download the mobile app. This is triggered by the Check-In function in RoomRaccoon, which means the email will only be sent upon Check-in (not online check-in.). The hotel can add a link to the Salto KS app in the pre-arrival email with instructions about the app and process, this is up to each hotel to decide for themselves.

How to set up the SALTO KS Connection?

Login to the Salton KS online user page with your user credentials.

Invite [email protected] to Salto KS by clicking on the PEOPLE tab and searching for [email protected] under existing users. If you can’t find the email address, click on the PEOPLE tab and select the +INVITE button.

Add [email protected] as an ADMIN user. For the Key configuration option select all.

Provide your system ID or site name by clicking on the site tab, navigating to the Site ID button and selecting the Property name tab.

The RoomRaccoon Connectivity Team will help you set up Salto KS in RoomRaccoon.

Good to know

RoomRaccoon cannot change the language in which the email is sent from Salto KS which contains the link and instructions.

It is not possible to map door groups - only door locks.

We only support the Salto KS app (bluetooth) which excludes the key codes.

The client needs to add the following replace tag to their online check-in document: %roomkey_mail_reminder%. This replace tag will reflect the following note:

Note: you will receive an invitation to download/access your {hotelname} roomkey from {channel}

This is to serve a reminder that the guest will need to download an app to access their room key.

Updated on: 11/01/2023

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