SALTO Connection

RoomRaccoon offers a connection with SALTO Systems which has become a global leader in delivering access control for hospitality. By developing and delivering the most advanced technology the industry has ever known. SALTO is empowering hoteliers and property managers with new ways to secure guests and manage staff.

To execute the connection with RoomRaccoon we need the following:

Provide us with a static IP Address (this is an unchanging IP address)

Provide RoomRaccoon with an open port

Benefits of SALTO Connection

Smart, keyless, and digital access for guests and staff. Enhanced guest experiences with simplified check-in/check-out.

Unique, simple to install designs with fully-customisable options that complement the style of your property.

Improved security, with greater automation and process optimisation from the guest room to the back-of-house, saving countless staff hours per week.

Integrates easily with RoomRaccoon.

Good to know

RoomRaccoon will not be able to provide a static IP Address or open port to execute the connection. This solely relies on the Hotelier to provide us with this data. However, your IT manager should be able to assist with acquiring and providing this data.

There is a replace tag in the documents titled %room key%. Use this tag in the document you want the room key to be in e.g. Online check-in so that the guest already has their key access at the time of check-in. A great added feature as it’s fully automated and reduces time on admin and contact.

Adding the SALTO connection will account for one upgrade slot. See more on our updated pricing policy.
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