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RoomRaccoon SLA

RoomRaccoon Service Level Agreement

Our RoomRaccoon Service Level Agreement between RoomRaccoon and its clients applies to RoomRaccoon operated and controlled systems: The PMS, booking engine and channel manager.

We are excited to help you set up RoomRaccoon and go live as soon as possible.

Our Implementations team which is our dedicated service to make sure that your account goes live has a structured process to ensure that you have all the tools to go live.

Our standard implementation time is 28 days, however this is reviewed on a case by case basis, for example depending on the complexity of the customer organisation and operating procedures.

Our Customer Success Team is available for adequate 1:1 time with you during a period of 4 weeks to assist in setting everything up as well as to train you on all the fundamentals of using RoomRaccoon - reach us through our ticket centre for this.

The moment you go live with your first channel marks your finalised onboarding. After you’ve been onboarded, we expect you to train your staff in RoomRaccoon's fundamentals.

In the interim, our Customer Success team will assist you to use RoomRaccoon’s more advanced features for maximum adoption and increased product value.

Channel Manager

Following your Channel Connection Request, we will guide you through getting the Booking Channels connected with RoomRaccoon. We will send you information on how to get started with all your channel connections, once these connections are confirmed we will then finish off the connection by mapping your rates. Airbnb is one of our self service mapping channels, we will guide you as best as possible in order for you to map this property yourself.

Response Times

Whenever you need our help, we will be happy to assist during office hours via our ticketing centre or phone. Our response time is within 24 hours of your request.

Good to know:

RoomRaccoon office hours are between 8am-5pm on weekdays.

Our after hour emergency support is available from 5pm-10pm on weekdays.

Updated on: 25/04/2022

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