RoomRaccoon Release 22.3

Date of Release: 21 June 2022

The new release of RoomRaccoon is designed to improve the user experience on the All in one Hotel Management system.

What’s New


Our new RaccoonHousekeeping is designed to fully automate housekeeping in your property by providing more functionality to keep you and your housekeeping team aligned with a new interactive overview.

Integrated housekeeping overview - you can add team members and assign them to rooms with the option to notify them via the RaccoonHousekeeping mobile view.

Forecast feature from your reservations to plan and assign housekeeping accordingly.

New Maintenance feature to add issues and assign them to a maintenance team member.

New Lost and found reports feature.

Improvements and Resolved Issues

This Release has new and improved solutions to empower you to automate all your hotel processes.


Resolved Expedia Collect pricing disparity.

Mapped Airbnb listings will always show on RoomRaccoon.

HotelBeds is available as a booking channel option. booking confirmation resolved.


The invoice list will show the correct amounts.

Resolved: room name and guest name duplicated on every line.

Account Settings

Resolved: Document language.

Booker discount values have been resolved on the booking engine and reservation.

The system will use guest information instead of booker information.

Replace tag %roomnr% will now include all rooms in the reservation.

Accommodation and Setup

Resolved RaccoonID: the 2nd Guest will now scan.

Resolved Online Check-in: Language Online check-in the incorrect language.

Breakfast list notes column added.

Booking Engine

Resolved: 0,00£ rate for closed dates on the booking engine.

Reservation time limit improvements


Resolved Add-ons Report: Values are consistent between key figures and excel reports.

City tax enhancements in the management report.

New Booking engine categories added.

Resolved Revenue Report: Incorrect values for different dates in the revenue report.

Resolved Performance Reports: Insights number disparity.

Optimised ADR in revenue report.

Resolved: ​​UK VAT future forecast/revenue reports.

Reservation Management

Resolved Reservation: Agenda showing a due amount even though the reservation is paid up.

Resolved Online Check-in: translations.

Resolved Reservations: Reservation dates disparity.

Improved Reservation overview including names in group reservations

Resolved RaccoonID: Scanning error.

Resolved Linked Reservation: Outstanding balances.

Payment Issues

Paypal can be requested in payment settings for every RaccoonPay user.

Resolved Virtual Credit Card: Cards are saved to the reservation, not the booker profile. You can now save an extra card to the booker profile.

Stripe credit card will import from

Resolved RaccoonPay: Credit Card is removable.
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