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RoomRaccoon New Navigation Screens

Our latest release introduces new navigation screens which are designed to improve the RoomRaccoon user experience and encapsulate the innovation of the number one Hotel Management System. This has not changed our core product offering but only developed this for visual enhancements and improved navigation.

The main changes are the placement of RoomRaccoon modules in your overview as you know them. There are now 3 modules on the top left of the screen on the new update: Reservations, Channel Manager, and Marketplace.

Market place

Marketplace is where you can find all available connections and integration RoomRaccoon has with its partners. This module was previously known as the connectivity centre where you would find a number of integrations from Booking channels, POS, Key connections, and events integrations.


The favourites section is a customisable menu or overview which shows your favourite modules which could be modules you frequently access. To add a module to the favourites section all you have to do is click on the star icon next to the module.

Collapse Expand

The sidebar on the new release allows you to either expand or collapse the view. If you want to see more on your overview you might want to view this in a collapsed view. Simply click on the 3 bars on the sidebar and this will expand/collapse your view.

Property Switch

If you have a multi-property account you can now seamlessly and swiftly navigate through your properties with the property switch feature. Simply click on the drop-down on your property (top right) to switch to another property.

Switch to old navigation

While we give you some time to get familiar with our new navigation screens, our old navigation screens are still available to help you ease into the transitioning and manoeuvring of our new navigation screens. You can switch to the old navigation screen by clicking on the “Switch to old navigation” option at the bottom of the module list.

Help & Resources

Our Help and Resources is now easily available to you through the question mark icon as on our previous interface however we now offer you more options to assist you in getting familiar with the number one Hotel management System.

You can use this to access our Help Centre, our archive of Youtube videos and our academy which gives you more insights on valuable ways you can use RoomRaccoon. You can also contact support from this button making it easier for you to reach us should you need assistance via our ticketing centre.

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