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RoomRaccoon Gamification

Your very own personalised RoomRaccoon Gamification Page is now available!
We have created a performance overview and point system to help enhance your RoomRaccoon experience while ensuring that you make the most out of the amazing features our system has to offer. See how many great features you’re making the most of and those you are yet to discover.

Here’s how to access it:

Login to your RoomRaccoon account.
Click on the Bell Icon at the bottom left of your screen.

Each time you add or use an extra feature your RoomRaccoon experience improves and your score goes up.
You will be able to see how well you are using the system broken down into 3 aspects:

Guest Experience - Documents, RaccoonPay, Discount Codes, Add ons
Property Settings - Yield, Mobile App, Rate Plans, Logins
Connectivity - POS, Booking Channels, Google Hotel Ads, Accounting

Click on the Improve Now! buttons to learn how to use the system better and improve both your ability to enhance your revenue and overall experience of the system.

Good to Know!
RoomRaccoon offers all clients an amazing Referral Program, click on the link at the top of the Gamification page to find out more!
Need some help? The Gamification page offers you the opportunity to schedule some time with our Customer Success Managers by clicking on the question mark in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.
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