RoomPriceGenie Connection

RoomPriceGenie is the easiest way to make a lot more revenue for your property. RoomPriceGenie is an advanced price-recommendation engine that looks at the competitors around you, looks at how many rooms you have left to sell, and calculates the price you should charge for each room type for maximum revenues.

RoomPriceGenie works for all different properties from a 10 room to a 100 room property.

You have full control over the prices and you know why we give each price recommendation. You can make whatever adjustments you want. RoomPriceGenie empowers you to make good decisions.

When you are confident in the prices you can then switch to auto-pilot meaning that RoomPriceGenie will automatically update prices in your system 7 times a day. 95% of our hotels choose this option because they are so comfortable with the prices.

What are the benefits?

RoomPriceGenie and RoomRaccoon have seamless connectivity, which is great for you as a hotelier. Once the connection is made, the systems work as one together.

Typically revenue will increase by 20% for hotels that switch to RoomPriceGenie, because we consistently are getting the prices right - charging more when you can and charging less when you need to sell.

Good to know

RoomPriceGenie has a free trial so you can see what it does, and even start making more revenue, before paying anything. You can contact us for a trial here.

They are the only price automation system that is built with smaller hotels in mind, and as such we have very good usability.

Their HotelTechReport recommendation score is 98% - one of the highest on the whole platform

They won the People's Choice Award and were runners up for Most Innovative Startup of the Year at the prestigious Phocuswright conference in Miami

Winners of Siteminder's Rising Star award 2021.

RoomPriceGenie offers a Hotel Technology academy with full courses on Revenue management, Hotel marketing, Cloud technology and more. RoomRaccoon clients are offered 3 months of free access to these revolutionary courses. Click here for more!

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