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RevControl Connection

RevControl is a Revenue Management System (RMS) connectivity. This simply means that RevControl manages rates so these rates that are set up on RevControl need to match with the rates on RoomRaccoon and vice-versa.

RoomRaccoon maps the rates and sends the reservations through to RevControl who will update the dates should they need to be updated. It’s important that when there is an update either on RoomRaccoon or RevControl, it’s always in sync with the other.

How to establish the connection

RoomRaccoon requests credentials from RevControl

RoomRaccoon will add the connection

RoomRaccoon will send a push request to send all the reservations

RoomRaccoon and RevControl will confirm that the connection is live.

Good to know

Rates should always align on both platforms.

The derived rate will be managed in RoomRaccoon. Derived rates will not be managed on RevControl, RoomRaccoon will override the derived pricing.

Adding the RevControl connection will account for one upgrade slot. See more on our updated pricing policy.
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