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In addition to using RaccoonPay in RoomRaccoon, the RaccoonPay card machine offers a lot of possibilities to integrate all of your payments. You can now control all the payments from the reservation directly via a card machine at your front desk!

The biggest advantages of the card machine:

Integration: Want to see all payments directly in your payment overview? This is possible because all card machine payments are directly linked to the RoomRaccoon system.

Saving time: No more extra work as a result of using different systems and less time is spent on manual work. RaccoonPay ensures that everything regarding payments in one system is being processed.

Find the most important points for using the card machine here!

Connection costs: No one-time connection costs are required for this purchase. You can request this for free during the RaccoonPay onboarding!
Subscription fee: For use, we charge €40,- per month, without any additional costs. Therefore, it will be cheaper than with a regular bank as there are no additional transaction costs other than the RaccoonPay percentages.

Order one or more card machines now during your RaccoonPay onboarding!

When your onboarding is finished, you will receive an instant confirmation:

Pay attention:

The subscription lasts for one year, with a guarantee of a free replacement in case of problems after normal use. The 'plug & play' service makes it easy to connect the device. it is also possible to print receipts.
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