Reporting for Google Hotel Ads

The RoomRaccoon Booking Channel chart is an excellent tool for identifying how much revenue you have generated from Google Hotel Ads or any of your various booking channels.

There are two reports you can generate:

The Booking Channel Report: This shows your rate of revenue per booking channel according to the dates you enter (for internal use, eg: marketing strategies, stakeholder updates or presentations)

List View Report: This shows the bookings generated through Google Hotel Ads per stay period and can be used for external purposes, for example, your accounting.

How to Find Your Booking Channel Report

Click on the Reports icon and select the Performance tab at the top, enter the dates for the period you wish to view.

Click on the arrow in the Booking Channels section and select Google Hotel Ads from the list of booking channels.
This will give you the number and percentage of bookings done via GHA for the chosen time period.

List View Report

In the Calendar section select the Reservations tab.

Enter the dates you wish to view.

Select Google Hotel Ads from the Origin of Booking drop down menu. This will show you the bookings created through GHA for that specific stay period.

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