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RaccoonRev: Revenue Management System

Our RaccoonRev revenue management system is designed to help you optimise your rates by being ahead of the competition and ensuring the best rates at the right time.

Why you should use RaccoonRev

RaccoonRev lets you know how your competition is doing and how your rates are in comparison to them. The idea is to give you more data so that you are able to make more informed decisions and maintain a competitive advantage.

When your competition increases or decreases their rates you can take advantage of this when adjusting your rates. Click on the line that shows the percentages (these percentages show how much your rates differ from your competitors), you will then see a drop-down menu.

Here you can see the average rates per accommodation, and the rates your competitors charge per room type. You can easily see on which days your competitors are sold out.

In the dashboard you will have a good overview of the conversion of your booking engine.
It provides you with insight as to which days and times are popular in being booked. You can use this information to your advantage by increasing your rates on the popular days!

What else is included?

Unlimited Yield rule - you can yield on competitors rates too!

Booking Engine performance report.

Competitor benchmarking rates.

How to get started?

Provide us with your 3 competitors and we will ensure that RaccoonRev is activated!

Good to know

Please see our updated pricing policy for RaccoonRev here.
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