RaccoonRev: Percentages and Colours

The percentages represent the variance between the hotel’s rate on that particular day and the average rate over the next 30 days :

In the example above , on the 17th of November the competition's average price is - 27% less than their average price over the next 30 days ( R2934).

On the 18th of November, Hotel B is pricing +3% more expensive than the average of the next 30 days.

Hoteliers are able to see the exact prices of the competitor hotel by simply hovering the mouse over the percentage as seen below.

Brown - the darker it gets, the lower your prices are on the particular day.
Grey - the darker it gets, the higher your princes are.

Total availability: The darker the Green the less rooms are available.

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For more on RaccoonRev and how it works, click here.
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