RaccoonPay activated?

From now on, you can see all of your payments in one overview, including payouts and specific payment explanations!

In the RaccoonPay overview you can see the following parts:
Successful payments per day
Payments by method
Specific payments with their corresponding reservation numbers

How do we display payouts? The payout information is now under payouts.
Date of payout
Total payout
Total commission cost of payout
The period of the payout
An excel download overview of the payment
A detailed overview of each transaction within the payout

What is important to know for a specific payment?
In the status of the payment it is shown if the payment has already been paid out.
In the details of the payment it is shown if the payment has a chargeback risk.

Are the specific payments with the corresponding reservation number the same as in the payout overview?
The payments in the payout overview are indeed the same as the general overview screen. We only show again which payments are included in the payout, we do this so that you know exactly which transactions you have received a payment for.

Why does it take longer for credit card transactions to be processed in the payout?
Credit card transactions may take longer to process within the payout process. This is because it has to first ensure that the transaction is legitimate. This is part of the fraud prevention process. As a result, it can take up to 10 days for a credit card transaction to be processed. Domestic card payments are processed immediately and are always included within the next payment.

What is a chargeback risk?
When a credit card is charged in the reservation, the guest did not immediately agree to the payment. As a result, the guest always has the right to refund the amount, although there must be a clear reason for the refund. In most of the cases this will not happen because the guest will agree to charge the card as the facilities for which the charge was initiated has been used by the guest.
Important:_ In case of a pre-authorization, taxation of the debit card device or sending a payment request, no chargeback risk applies. This is also shown as No behind the chargeback risk.
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